• Touchless Temperature Screening Kiosk and COVID-19 Symptoms Monitoring

    • A complete Touchless solution for employees /students to access a survey each day to monitor themselves for symptoms of the coronavirus. A clearance certificate is generated each day after performing the survey, and body temperature screening is done prior to entering the facility. FAQs for the Product
    • USMDDirect “Safe-Entry” is a mobile COVID-19 screening/tracking application that enables your organization to conduct daily COVID-19 symptoms surveillance/tracking and on-site temperature screening for their employees, contractors, students, or visitors.
    • It is a proprietary combination of Elo-Thermal Scanning technology and USMDDirect “Safe-Entry” web-based survey application together with advanced analytics, HIPPA Compliant secure cloud-based platform. USMDDirect will help your organization to return from this pandemic and reduce anxieties.
    • Administrators have access to the “Safe-Entry” live-dashboard to track analytics including participation and trends over time. The entire system is paperless and gives your organization greater visibility and decision-making power related to your COVID-19 management plan.
    • On-Site Kiosks validate that individuals have passed the daily symptoms screen with normal body temperature prior to entering your organization’s worksite.
    • Individuals are able to log into the HIPAA-compliant web portal and conduct daily COVID-19 symptoms screening based on the latest CDC guidelines. It also generates a daily Clearance Certificate.
    • USMDDirect Facial Recognition provides the facility of non-contact employees’ /students’ identification and authentication.


    One time hardware cost $1,999, andCovid-19 survey/tracking 99 cents/month per employee/student

    Optional USMDDirect Support:

    Telemedicine consultation with physician 24×7 is available at https://www.doctoroncall24x7.com

    o Tele-Consultation with COVID-19 expert physicians and infectious disease experts are available for the treatment or work-place safety plan.
    o 24×7 Nurse call center is available to support COVID-19 patients
    – Remote vital sign monitoring for pulse oximeter/blood pressure and temperature
    – Tele-Nurse evaluation/support during the quarantine period
    – At the end of quarantine evaluation, a Certification of Clearance will be issued.

    CDC Guidelines:

    Download the pdf

    * Elo-Access Temperature * Sensor Pro is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of a disease, but solely for initial screening purposes

  • Personal Care-proactive approach for a healthy life


    • Connect with your doctor from home, office, or any other place using HD, secure, end-to-end encrypted video conferencing
    • Do virtual video visit with your doctor and healthcare provider anywhere anytime
    • Have a virtual visit with your doctor or select USMDDirect doctors for 2nd Opinion
    • Get 2nd opinion from USMDDirect doctors (https://usmddirect.com/USStates.aspx)

    Personal Health Record (PHR):

    • Maintain your online digitized Personal Health Record with great ease of just clicking a button. Health records can be uploaded/downloaded and securely shared with the doctor
    • Upload your x-ray, ultrasound, lab reports, and prescription at one place
    • Maintain your doctor and healthcare appointments
    • Give permission to your doctor and health care provider to review your data and advise you accordingly, and leave their valuable recommendation and opinion for you

    Vital Signs Monitoring (Biometric monitoring):

    • Get your blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen, Heart rate, ECG, weight, blood glucose levels, sleep cycle monitored remotely
    • USMDDirect Medical Team monitors your Vital signs 24/7 and 365 days a year
    • You will get Medication reminder if you missed out medicine
    • Systems sends important health-related alerts to user and to their doctors
    • Round-the-clock care and support
    • Provides Trend data in graph for better analysis
    • Get your monthly personalized doctor report for proactive care
  • Web-based Remote Patient Monitoring

    • Buying Options: Buying option for 1-2 care-coordinators $499/month, 3-5 care-coordinators $599/month,6-10 care-coordinators $999/month. Month-to-month lease, no long-term contract, cancel any time. And the one-time cost for Stethoscope $399, and Digital Camera $139. The laptop is not included in the given price. 1,000 minutes/month free of video conference, and with 100 GB of storage.
    • Remote Vital Sign
    • Remote Virtual Monitoring (Virtual-Sitter)
    • Remote Physical Activity Monitoring
    • Remote Medication Management
    • Disease Management Protocols DMPs (http://avatar.usmd.net/covid19)
    • On-Demand remote virtual physical examination
    • Provides instant instruction, advice to patients’ wound care, and medication management.
    • With Remote Monitoring Devices: Blood pressure, temperature, Pulse oximetry, weight scale, Glucometer, Spirometry, Pedometer (steps, sleep monitoring, pulse oximeter)
    • HIPAA-compliant, and amazon cloud-hosted solution (Software as Service)
    • End-to- end AES 128 encryption and FIPS 140- certified
    • HD Web-based Video Conferencing just plug-and-play, and no software to download
    • Audit Trail Reports
    • Patient, Doctor, Care Coordinator, and Administrator Landing Pages
    • Plug and Play Digital Stethoscope for clear heart and lung sound
    • Plug and Play Multi-purpose digital camera for remote examination of Ear, Throat, Eye and skin
    • PHR to maintain patient clinical history, medical data, radiology images and progress note
    • Store and Forward- where nurse can record Patient video, vital signs, ECG and upload into PHR
    • Doctor-Patient Appointment Portal
    • Disease Management Protocols DMPs
    • Doctors and patients use their own computers, tablet, or smartphone with any modern browser
    • Dedicated Amazon AWS Secure Cloud Servers experience a reliable connection with no downtime!
    • Telemedicine CPT Code 99421 to 99423, with G2010, G2012
    • Secure, Cost-effective and easy to use
    • Out of box Ready to Use Solution
    • The solution can be established in your office within hours. It is a web-based and
    • Amazon cloud-hosted software solution with end-to-end AES128 encryption, and
    • FIPS 140-2 certified.
    • User Training: 24×7 training support start at $25 for 15 minutes
  • Telemedicine Web-based Software

    • Buying Option: For a Single Doctor $299/month, 2 to 5 doctors $499/month, and 6 to10 doctors $599/month. Month-to-month lease, no long-term contract, and can be canceled any time. And the one-time cost for Stethoscope $399, and Digital Camera $139.The laptop cost is not included in the given price. 1,000 minutes/month free of video conference, and with 100GB of storage. Use CPT Code 99421 to 99423, with G2010, G2012 for billing
    • Virtual Physical Examination: can be performed with tools like web-integrated
      Stethoscope to hear clear heart and lungs sound; It is with multi-purpose Digital Camera
      for the virtual examination of Ear, Nose, Throat, Eye, and skin. Just plug-n-play and no software
      required to install
    • HD Video Conferencing: High Definition Video Conferencing with AES 256-bit encryption.
      Amazon based AWS Secure Cloud Servers to experience a reliable connection with no
    • Personal Health Records (PHR): PHR to maintain patients’ clinical history, medical data,
      radiology images, progress notes, and Medication Management.
    • Vital Sign Monitoring: Advanced Vital Signs Monitoring tools are being used in
      telemedicine solution to quickly spot check, measure and capture a patient’s vital signs
      including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and temperature measurements
  • Web-based Telemedicine Software with Digital Stethoscope and ENT Examination Camera

    Buying Option: 

    The total cost of a Web-based Telehealth Solution is $837 which covers one-month software (SaaS) lease for 1 doctor $299; a One-time cost for a digital stethoscope$399, and a digital camera $139.The laptop is not included in the price

    Monthly Lease for Web-based Telehealth Software: $499/month for 2-5 doctors; $999/month for 6-10 doctors. Software lease is on monthly basis, no long-term contract required and can be discontinued any time you want. 1,000 minutes/month free of video conference, and with 100GB  of data storage

    Digital Camera: Multi-purpose digital camera with a tongue depressor and ear speculum attachment can be used for clear and magnified virtual examination of Ear, Nose, Throat, Skin, and Eye examination. No software required to install. 3 months manufacture warranty

    Digital Stethoscope: FDA approved PCP-1 digital stethoscope can be used for Virtual Physical Examination. It is a plug-n-play audio input device for any PC computer, laptop, or tablet to hear clear heart and lungs sound.1year manufacture warranty, sold with USMDDirect software only.

    This Telemedicine Solution can be used in Offices, Dialysis Clinics, Nursing Homes, and in the Ambulances

    Training and Support: $25 for 15 minutes

  • Telemedicine Web-based Software with Video Conferencing, Just Plug Play

    • USMDDirect provides a web-based HD-video conferencing solution. Doctors and Patients use their own computer, tablet, or smartphone with any modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Patients just click the link to get connected with the doctor. Laptop, Stethoscope, and Otoscope are not included in the given monthly selling price
    • HIPAA-compliant, cloud-hosted services with end-to-end encryption with FIPS 140-2 certified
    • Hosted on Amazon’s secure cloud servers, experience a reliable connection with no downtime
    • 1,000 minutes/month free of video conference
    • Just $29/month, month-to-month lease, no long-term contract.

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