• USMDDirect Digital Otoscope

    • USMDDirect Multi-purpose digital camera with tongue depressor and ear speculum attachment
    • For clear and magnified examination of Ear, Nose, Throat, skin and Eye examination
    • With Quad HD resolution, LED lighting with controllable brightness and manual, variable focus
    • Plug-and-play USB device integrated with USMDDirect Web-based software , No software to download
    • Lighting Controls: Variable Brightness Settings
    • Compatibility: Windows and Mac, can be used on any PC computer, laptop or tablet
    • FDA approved PCP-1 digital Otoscope
    • It can be used for Virtual Physical Examination
    • One year manufacture warranty, sold with USMDDirect software only
  • USMDDirect Digital Stethoscope

    • PCP-1 digital stethoscope FDA approved, plug-n-play audio input devices of any PC computer, laptop or tablet with internet and Google Chrome browser
    • PCP-1 Integrated with USMDDirect web-based software, no software to download on any computer plug-n-play
    • Any PC, MAC, or device with a microphone jack will recognize the stethoscope microphone. Sound quality is excellent
    • PCP-1 stethoscope clinicians are able to perform auscultations on patients from a distance using a PC, laptop
    • The Auscultation Anywhere without downloading software
    • Any headset allows clinicians to conveniently and easily conduct auscultations
    • Clean and crystal-clear sound to help clinicians make the most informed medical decisions from a distance
    • The PCP-1 connects to a PC via the 3.5 mm microphone port
    • One Year Replacement Warranty for Manufacturer Defects

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